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R&B beats for lease

The best place to find quality, affordable and banging R&B type beats and rap beats. Please see my beats below and click the deals button to see the current deal. If you'd like to receive monthly discount codes and free beats sign up for my mailing list.

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You can purchase a license for any of the beats below or you could click here to download from Soundee (Beat store)

Have listen to my beats, you might find the perfect instrumental r&b beats for your songs.

Buying a beat

Beat leases are types of legal contracts granting rights to use a beat. A beat lease is an agreement between Tai Andrews Pro Beats and the client to use the beat for a specified time period.  

Our website makes it easy for you to order beats. Pick the beat you want and add it to your basket, enter a discount code (if you have one) and pay with PayPal or Stripe. We will send you the beat and license agreement by email after we receive your payment. That’s all there is to it.


1. Select beat(s) and license

Click on the ADD button and select a license/pricing you wish to order.

2. Securely Checkout

Proceed to the checkout page and make payment via PayPal or Stripe.

3. Instant Delivery

Receive your beat(s) straight to your inbox and download the files and license agreement.

Finding the right Premium RnB beats

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Premium Beats

Those who know what they want can easily find the perfect instrumentals for their projects. There is something for everyone, whether they are looking for an upbeat banger or a slow-burning tune. Sometimes, in order to find the right beat for something that is in keeping with the rest of the music, it can be frustrating.

RnB is one of the most popular genres for electronic music. Why? Well, it has elements of hip hop and pop, it’s not always about current trends, and it has an emphasis on melody.  In the last few years, r&b has been making a comeback.

With the success of artists like Bryson Tiller, H.E.R , and Jhené Aiko, the genre has been a profitable one. But the genre is much more than just a money maker. It is a staple in many cultures around the world. It is music people remember and love. Songs that can stir not only the soul but the heart.

Tai Andrews takes time and care to produce his beats, and he puts a lot of love into his work.  Any beat you choose is guaranteed to inspire you to write an amazing song.  Do not forget you can join my mailing list to download free tagged versions of all of my beats.  We might as well call it a try-before-you-buy option.

Do your songs justice and buy premium RnB beats from Tai Andrews, you wont be disappointed.

I hope you enjoy it

6 reasons to choose Tai Andrews for you instrumental R&B beats.

Flexible licenses

We have various licenses to match you ever changing needs. Your song having some success? No problem, just upgrade your license easily and quickly.

Choice of format

Whether you're looking for just an MP3 or a complete package of MP3, WAVS and Trackouts, we can help you. No problem, we've got you covered.

Support community

When you buy a beat, I hope our relationship doesn't end. One way I am happy to support you is to showcase your amazing final songs that utilize my beats. I'd like to hear what you have done so holla at me.

Content Creators

Looking for background music for your youtube channel or social post?

Click the link below to send your channel and usage details so that we can send you an untagged beat. Adding sounds to your videos on Tik Tok, Instagram, or Facebook can also be done by searching "Tai Andrews".