Choose the beat license that suits your needs


$ 30
  • Untagged MP3/WAV
  • Sell 5000 copies Max.
  • 100000 streams
  • Use for 1 music video
  • Upload to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc.
  • Radio Station
  • Paid performances
  • Credit must be given: (Prod by. Tai Andrews)

A Pro license that is the most popular among artists that are releasing their song on platforms like Spotify or perform with the song in live (paid) performances.


$ 60
  • Untagged MP3/WAV/STEMS
  • Sell 10000 Max.
  • 500000 streams
  • Use for 1 music video
  • Upload to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc.
  • 2 Radio Stations
  • Paid performances
  • Credit must be give: (Prod by. Tai Andrews)

A Professional license which also  contains an MP3, WAV and STEMS.  Individual files which are essential for mixing songs professionally.


$ 100
  • Untagged MP3/WAV/STEMS
  • Unlimited sales
  • Unlimited streams
  • Unlimited music videos
  • Upload to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc.
  • Unlimited radio stations
  • Paid performances
  • List Item

Professional license + this license contains MP3, WAV and STEMS.  Individual files essential for mixing songs professionally with unlimited sales, streams etc.


How do i get my download?

Simply choose your beat(s), choose the license and add to cart.  Any deals such as buy 2 get 3 free that you have will be automatically added at checkout.  Complete the transaction and you will receive an email with a link to your purchase.

Will my song come with a voice tag?

No, only free beats come with a voice tag.  Once you have made your purchase you will receive an untagged version of the beat(s).

How do i download the beats?

1. Go to the beatstore and click +ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order.

2. Select the license you require.

3. When you are ready, click “buy now” in the top right to redirect to PayPal or Stripe.

4. After payment you will instantly receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal or Stripe email address.


do you offer discounts ?

Yes, the best why to find about discounts is by signing up to my mailing list.  We have discounts and special deals for those on our mailing list.  You can sign up by clicking below.

What files do i get?

When you make a purchase you will receive a lease agreement,  and the untagged beat in MP3 format. If you have purchased a Pro license you will also receive a WAV version of the beat and if you purchase a Premium or Unlimited license you will also receive the STEMS for the beat. 


How can I Pay?

We currently accept Paypal and Stripe


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