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What is beat licensing?

Exactly what do I mean when I say beat licensing? Also know as online beat licensing, it’s the process of acquiring the legal rights to use a pre-recorded song as the background of your own project. Buying beats online has been around for many years and is becoming more and more popular. The licensing (leasing) process for Beats is very straightforward. The producer (I) can create a beat and upload it to my store, and artists (you) can purchase the beat directly from the store.

A license agreement will be provided to you in exchange for your purchase. You are granted certain rights in this document when you create and distribute a song. The license you purchase determines this (see below).

The license agreement is legal proof that I have given you permission to use the beat (music) in your new song.

Beat licensing

Producer typically charge for their beats

It is common misconception that producers offer their beats for free to artists, but in reality producers typically charge for their beats. Free beats are really for promotional uses only. This is why they usually come with music producer tags on them. The music producer provides the beat and the artist records the vocals and mix it to create a song.

Producers get royalties from these deals, which in some cases can include performance royalties as well as mechanical royalties.

Non exclusive beat licensing

The most popular form of licensing is a non exclusive beat license. Many producers including myself have different tier non exclusive licenses. Ranging from a basic lease (starter) to the unlimited lease (Professional). The majority of artists will find this type of contract the most useful as it is relatively cheap and still always you to stream your song online.

It’s critical to note that under a non- exclusive beat license , the same beat may be licensed to numerous artists. So be aware that you may hear several songs using the same music that you leased.

When you purchase a non exclusive rights it means that you are given permission to record and release your song on your own but you cannot resell the beat to anyone else. 

Exclusive beat licensing

The buyer of an exclusive license is able to prevent other artists from recording a song using the instrumental. After you purchase an exclusive license, the song will be permanently removed from the beat store.

Those who purchased non-exclusive licenses before you purchased your exclusive license can still release their music until the terms of the license have expired.


It is important to understand the meaning of exclusive in the context of beat leasing. An exclusive license does not give you the exclusive ownership of the master recording (sound recording), but does give you particulary leasing rights such as the right to record and release your song using the sound recording (beat).

Beats with exclusive licenses are often more expensive than those with non-exclusive licenses, but they also provide greater security and flexibility.

for more information check out my blog article HERE

Official permission to use the beat in your song

Once you the artist have a signed beat license (license agreement)you can now produce and release your song using one of our beats.

Opportunity to monetize your song

Most FREE beats are for you to see what your song would sound like on a specific beat. Kind of like a try before you buy. By purchasing a license you will now be able to make money from your new song.

Free beat Vs Licensed lease beat

You can use free beats to see if your song works on one of my beats, if you want to release it, all you have to do is purchase a license to use the song. Remember, you can NOT monetize your free beat, you need a license to do so.

We offer different leases which give you different ways to monetize your song. If your song does better than expected, you can also upgrade your license.

Benefits and features

Beat licensing benefits

High quality R&B instrumental beats

Instant access to modern, professional beats from a variety of genres.

Instant Delivery

The purchasing process is a breeze, and you will receive your product in your inbox instantly.

A range of license options at affordable prices

For all beats, we have licenses designed to meet your budget and requirements

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3 Beat licensing options

All beats are sold as a non exclusive beat license, we do not currently offer exclusive beat licensing.



Untagged MP3/WAV

Sell up to 5000 copies

100000 streams

Upload to streaming platform including Spotify, itunes, Apple music etc.

1 music video

NO radio stations

Non exclusive rights



Untagged MP3/WAV/STEMS

Sell up to 10000 copies

500000 streams

Upload to streaming platform including Spotify, itunes, Apple music etc.

1 music video

2 Radio Stations

Non exclusive rights



Untagged MP3/WAV/STEMS

Sell unlimited copies

Unlimited streams

Upload to streaming platform including Spotify, itunes, Apple music etc.

Unlimited music video

Unlimited radio stations

Non exclusive rights

Click the full terms button to see the license agreement

Beat licensing Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get my download?

Simply choose your beat(s), choose the license and add to cart.  Any deals such as buy 2 get 3 free that you have will be automatically added at checkout.  Complete the transaction and you will receive an email with a link to your purchase. Buy beat

How do i download the beats?

1. Go to the beatstore and click +ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order.

2. Select the license you require.

3. When you are ready, click “buy now” in the top right to redirect to PayPal or Stripe.

4. After payment you will instantly receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal or Stripe email address.


What files will i get?

When you make a purchase you will receive a lease agreement,  and the untagged beat in MP3 format. If you have purchased a Pro license you will also receive a WAV version of the beat and if you purchase a Premium or Unlimited license you will also receive the STEMS for the beat. 

Will my song come with a voice tag?

No, only free beats come with a voice tag.  Once you have made your purchase you will receive an untagged version of the beat(s).

do you offer discounts ?

Yes, the best why to find about discounts is by signing up to my mailing list.  We have discounts and special deals for those on our mailing list.  You can sign up by clicking below.

How can i pay?

We currently accept Paypal and Stripe